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Forms (contact, enquiries, quotations, surveys, etc.)
Data transmitted to us by means of contact forms are used exclusively in-house and for the intended purpose. The data are treated as confidential and are not passed on or sold to third parties. Participation in surveys or contests is voluntary. Survey results are used for internal purposes and are not forwarded to unauthorised third parties.

Security measures
The data we obtain are stored on specially protected servers in our security zone. Access to these servers is possible for only a few, specially authorised people who are responsible for technical, commercial or editorial management of these data.

To prevent loss or abuse of the data we store, our company takes comprehensive technical and operational safety precautions, which are regularly reviewed and updated in keeping with latest technological advances.

The Internet's structure does, however, make it possible for other people or institutions for which we are not responsible to disregard data-protection regulations. In particular, it is possible for unencrypted data, for example disclosed in an e-mail, to be read by third parties. Because of the technical realities of the Internet we have no control over this. The user alone is responsible for protecting data he provides from misuse by using encryption or another method. On the Internet, e-mails are forwarded via many different servers, and there are numerous opportunities to access this information, change it, delete it, copy it, or otherwise amend it in an unauthorised manner. You also have the option of communicating with us by telephone, fax, or letter.

External links
When you click on links to external websites you are leaving our website. We are not responsible for the data-protection provisions of third-party websites linked to ours. We also deny any responsibility for the content and legality of third-party websites and their links.

If you come across an invalid link, please send us an e-mail.

We hereby expressly declare that we have no influence on the format and content of linked sites, which is why we hereby expressly distance ourselves from all content on all sites linked to and do not adopt this content as our own. This declaration applies to all links displayed on and to all content on the websites to which these links lead, irrespective of whether the links are in text or banner format.

Access protocols
When you visit our website, your computer automatically transmits the following data to our web server:

  • Date and time of the visit
  • Pages and documents requested
  • Your computer's IP address
  • Information about your browser and your operating system
  • The site you visited previously

These data are stored in log files for the purpose of statistically analysing the website's use and in order to constantly improve what we offer online. It is not possible to analyse these data on a personal basis because the data concerned are exclusively generalised usage data.
We are very careful to ensure that usage data are not linked to personal details. We do not carry out evaluations of individuals data.

Cookies and session IDs are generated in order to ascertain the definitive nature of a user. These data are of a technical nature and impersonal. It is possible for you to configure your browser so that you are notified every time a cookie is going to be generated. Then you can decide for yourself whether you want to accept or reject the cookie. If you reject a cookie, however, it may lead to you being unable to use certain functions on our website.
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